40 SQLs p/m with $2,000 ad spend via a demand generation strategy

  • πŸ“ˆ 40+ inbound SQLs p/m
  • πŸ™‹ 50+ inbound MQLs p/m
  • πŸš€ +60% Web traffic
gavin stora
Gavin Shields
"Thanks to Rocket SaaS, we've experienced rapid growth. We're getting a record number of demo bookings, with over 40 SQLs per month. We've had so many inbound leads that we've been struggling to keep up with them! They've acted like an in-house team, providing bespoke ideas and campaigns. Support has been fantastic."

The Client

Stora are a B2B SaaS platform for the self storage industry, enabling their clients to grow sales, reduce costs, and automate manual processes.

Our Solution

How Did We Do It? With a Demand Generation Strategy

The Stora software was industry leading from a technology perspective, but the brand awareness was nowhere near as strong as the bigger competitors. We also identified numerous frustrations that customers had with competitors.

Therefore, we developed a demand generation strategy that revolved around creating educational, thought-leader content, along with content to showcase the product’s stand-out features and benefits, all to be distributed using a range of ad channels, retargeting, nurturing emails and boosting the personal brand of the founder, Gavin.

We’ll break it down by each element of the funnel:

Top of Funnel Activity

Webinars, podcasts and live exhibitions

When a brand has a founder who is willing to grow their personal brand, it’s a real super power for the marketing department. We supported the client in creating a series of webinars, podcasts and live exhibitions. Activity included creating landing pages, ads, organic content, nurture emails and video editing.


We wrote and designed a series of thought-leader eBooks:

  • The ultimate guide to growing your self storage business
  • Industry benchmarking guide
  • 10 Tips for marketing your self storage business effectively

We promoted these to a cold audience via Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Meta Ads and organic website traffic. This activity generated over 200 leads into the to of the funnel, along with thousands of interested users to retarget to.

Our top performing top of funnel ad:

Middle of Funnel Activity

Free strategy call with the founder

One of the most effective lead magnet campaigns that we created was the Free Strategy Call with Gavin. Not everyone was ready to have a demo (as this is very salesy), but lots of people were keen to discuss growth strategies. These calls naturally led onto demos and sales.

Email nurture sequences

For anyone who subscribed to a webinar or downloaded an eBook, we created a series of email nurture sequences (also called drip sequences or email workflows).

Email newsletter

We created a monthly email newsletter to keep the client top of mind and up to date with latest features.

Case studies and testimonials

Via retargeting ads, we promoted the clients case studies and testimonials to an audience that had previously engaged with our top of funnel content.

Our top performing middle of funnel ad:

Bottom of Funnel Activity

Google ads intent search

For the people who were actively seeking a storage business solution, we made sure the client was appearing at the top of Google. We created a landing page which converted 28% better than the previous page.

Competitor campaigns

We developed a series of landing pages, comparing Stora to their competitors, showcasing feature comparisons and positioning Stora with premium customer service.

Retargeting ads

Retargeting ads on both LinkedIn and Meta proved to be a key factor in the success of our partnership. Pushing users from top of funnel educational content, to social proof content, to a strategy call and finally to a demo was the main flow that resulted in consistently generating 40 SQLs per month.

We showed book a demo ads to people who had already engaged with our other content higher up the funnel:


The Results

πŸ“ˆ SQL growth from an average of 25 per month to 40+ per month consistently

πŸ“ˆ MQLs growth from 0 per month to 50+ per month consistently

stora growth

Website traffic growth, showing a significant increase in demand:

stora traffic

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Other Case Studies

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Simon Dresdner
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profile photo of Rob Stevenson
Rob Stevenson
"We’re delighted with the Rocket SaaS partnership. The custom work and approach that they take is brilliant."
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1,100 sign-ups in 5 months, $5.46 cost per lead & 21% landing page conversion rate via ads landing pages & lead magnets.
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Christian Knipp
"Rocket SaaS have been awesome. The best marketing results we have ever seen!"
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