300% increase in sales within 6 months from lead magnets, LinkedIn and e-newsletters.

  • πŸ“ˆ 306% Sales increase
  • 🀩 82% LinkedIn follower growth
  • πŸ“§ 35% E-newsletter open rate

The Client

Symple is a software platform where landlords and service providers can effortlessly manage their property certificates and bookings. They take the hassle out of property certificates.

They approached us at Rocket SaaS, looking for a marketing partner to support their ambitious growth targets. Their in-house marketing resources were limited. They were finding it difficult to find the time to focus on developing a marketing strategy and consistent campaigns to grow leads and sales.

Simon Dresdner
"We've worked with previous agencies that put out quite basic content. The depth of research and quality of lead magnets that Rocket SaaS has created have blown us away. Your LinkedIn, email and blog content is focused, relevant, and intelligent. The Rocket SaaS marketing partnership has had a considerably positive impact on our recent business growth."

Our Solution

As with any new client, we undertook extensive market research and competitor analysis, along with identifying customer personas and various data gatherings such as customer lifetime value and customer acquisition costs.

Our strategy compromised of a series of marketing funnels, designed to generate leads and sales. An effective marketing funnel starts with brand awareness, which we mainly implemented through blogs, and organic LinkedIn content, boosted by Ads.

The exciting part of our campaigns is the lead magnets. We created a series of eBooks and checklists, with supporting landing pages and traffic drivers.

Marketing doesn’t stop when a lead is received. The next stage is to turn MQLs into SQLs. We achieve this via automated nurturing sequences and regular email newsletters.

The Result

The Symple marketing campaign has been one of our biggest successes. Since working with us, their sales have increased by over 300%, along with an 823% LinkedIn follower increase and well above average email newsletter open rate.

The client has been so impressed with our work that they have signed up for a second contract with their partner company.

We look forward to continuing to support Symple’s growth with our marketing services.

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alex dg
Alex Arthur
Marketing Manager
Digital Genius
The web and marketing support you have given us has been integral to our growth
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30+ sales-qualified leads per month via GTM strategy, Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads and landing pages.
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profile photo of Rob Stevenson
Rob Stevenson
"We’re delighted with the Rocket SaaS partnership. The custom work and approach that they take is brilliant."
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1,100 sign-ups in 5 months, $5.46 cost per lead & 21% landing page conversion rate via ads landing pages & lead magnets.
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  • πŸ’° $5.46 cost per lead
  • πŸ“ˆ 21% conversion rate
Christian Knipp - profile photo
Christian Knipp
"Rocket SaaS have been awesome. The best marketing results we have ever seen!"
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