We become (or join) your marketing department

A full suite of marketing services to propel your brand awareness & generate leads…

🤯 ​​On a rolling, cancel anytime monthly plan

  • ✅ Bespoke marketing strategy
  • ✅ Lead generation campaigns
  • ✅ Proven team of marketing experts

Rocket your startup’s growth with a fully equipped outsourced marketing team

  • Strategy leaders
  • Content creators
  • Email marketers
  • LinkedIn experts
  • Copywriters
  • Designers
  • Ads managers
  • Video marketers
  • Web developers

So… how do we generate you leads?

Step 1

Great marketing campaigns connect with prospects’ burning problems and offer a solution.

It’s our job to uncover what’s on your target customer’s minds and create marketing ideas to drive engagement to your brand.

We interview your customers, undertake competitor analysis and perform market research.

Step 2
Quarterly Big Idea Campaign

We then create a top-of-funnel campaign that your prospects will be driven to engage with.

We don’t just churn out the same campaigns for each client. We look for unique opportunities in the market.

Examples include a co-hosted webinar with an influencer, a partnership campaign targeting industry peers, a uniquely insightful whitepaper, a free workshop, a scorecard, an ROI calculator… this list goes on.

Step 3

Any good marketing agency will spend 20% of their time creating a campaign and 80% promoting it.

We drive as much traffic as possible to the Big Idea landing page.

We use a variety of channels, including social media organic, social ads, LinkedIn direct outreach, video marketing, conversion updates to your website, email campaigns and utilising your personal brands.

Step 4
Lead Nurturing

When a lead is captured, we call this an MQL. The work does not stop here. Our goal is to turn MQLs into SQLs.

We do this via lead nurturing through HubSpot email sequences (or whatever CMS you use), retargetting ads and direct LinkedIn responses.

Step 5

During the campaign creation, we set up all required conversation tracking in Google Analytics, Google Data Studio and your ad accounts.

You will receive lead generation reports, so you and we both know which strategies had the most impact, allowing us to double down on the next campaign.

You will also receive ongoing
brand awareness marketing

organic content

Blog articles

Email newsletters

Read some of our client success stories

300% increase in sales within 6 months from lead magnets, LinkedIn management and e-newsletters.
  • 📈 306% sales increase
  • 🚀 823% LinkedIn engagement
  • 🤩 82% LinkedIn follower growth
  • 📧 35% e-newsletter open rate
1,853 Quality Inbound Leads from a 6 month campaign…and counting.
  • 📈 1,853 Leads
  • 📞 460 appointments
  • 💰 184 sales
  • 🚀 300% traffic increase
"The Rocket SaaS marketing partnership has had a considerably positive impact on our recent business growth."
Simon Dreddner

SaaS marketing support, designed for ambitious
SaaS companies with limited resources


More affordable than an in-house marketer

£3,000 /pm


For fast-moving SaaS companies

£4,000 /pm


Maximum content creation for enterprises

£7,000 /pm

SaaS marketing support for fast-growing, ambitious tech companies.