40+ sales-qualified leads per month via GTM strategy, Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads and landing pages.

  • 📈 40 inbound SQLs p/m
  • 💰 £1.12 CPC
  • 📧 14% email click-through rate
profile photo of Rob Stevenson
Rob Stevenson
"We’re delighted with the Rocket SaaS partnership. The custom work and approach that they take is brilliant."

The Client

BackupVault, a UK-based Cloud Backup and Data Protection company, approached Rocket SaaS with a clear mission. They wanted to shift their positioning and strategy to establish themselves as premium experts in the data backup space. The client’s website and messaging were outdated, and their growth was stagnating. BackupVault aimed to revamp their online presence and generate more inbound leads to fuel their growth targets.

Our Solution

Rocket SaaS understood that to achieve BackupVault’s goals, a comprehensive strategy and implementation plan was required. Here’s how we tackled the challenge:

1. Go-To-Market Strategy

We began by developing a detailed Go-To-Market strategy presentation. This document outlined a step-by-step plan including objectives, product-market fit, target market, buyer personas, messaging, competitor analysis, buyer journey, acquisition channels, lead magnet campaigns, SEO and a timeline to implement.

2. Paid Ads

We leveraged Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads and Meta Ads to drive targeted traffic to the website. Through keyword optimisation, hyper-targeted ad placement and a multi-layered retargeting funnel, we aimed to capture both people actively searching for backup solutions and those earlier in their buying journey.

3. Landing Pages

We designed highly optimised landing pages tailored to specific industries and pain points. These landing pages were strategically crafted to convert visitors into leads by providing valuable information and clear calls to action.

4. Email Marketing

Our email marketing strategy involved creating personalised, engaging email campaigns. These campaigns nurtured leads acquired through various channels, ensuring that potential customers received relevant and valuable content at each stage of their journey.

5. Website Redesign

To modernise their online presence and maximise lead gen opportunities, we created a brand-new website. This new site not only positioned BackupVault as a leading brand in the space but also acted as the keystone to all marketing activity.

6. Lead Magnet Campaigns

To entice prospects and demonstrate BackupVault’s expertise to people who were not ready to buy, we developed lead magnet campaigns. These campaigns included a fully custom data security scanner, which provided users with valuable insights into their data protection needs. Additionally, we created informative eBooks that addressed key industry challenges and solutions, positioning BackupVault as the go-to resource for data security information.

7. Project Management and Communication

Efficient project management was key to our success. We used Asana for organisation and held weekly client meetings to keep everyone aligned. An active Slack channel facilitated real-time communication, ensuring smooth collaboration.

The Result

The Rocket SaaS / BackupVault partnership continues to be a resounding success and has been a key driving factor to BackupVault’s growth.

  • Consistently generated over 40 inbound SQLs (Sales Qualified Leads) each month (a 47% increase)
  • 88% increase in MQLs (Marketing Qualified Leads) per month
  • An average cost per click (CPC) of just £1.12
  • 14% average email click rate
  • 230% increase in organic SEO growth

Rocket SaaS’s holistic approach, combining strategy, web design, advertising, and collaboration, delivered exceptional outcomes, driving the success of BackupVault’s marketing transformation.

profile photo of Rob Stevenson
Rob Stevenson
"The custom work and approach that they take is brilliant. Other agencies I have been with have been very "cookie-cutter". Rocket SaaS are constantly evolving with us, coming up with new strategic ideas."
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