1,100 sign-ups in 5 months, $5.46 cost per lead & 21% landing page conversion rate via ads landing pages & lead magnets.

  • πŸš€ 1,100 sign-ups
  • πŸ’° $5.46 cost per lead
  • πŸ“ˆ 21% conversion rate
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Christian Knipp
"Rocket SaaS have been awesome. The best marketing results we have ever seen!"

The Client

InboxFreedom, a SaaS platform offering customised and intuitive AI automation for inbox management, reached out to Rocket SaaS to build a robust go-to-market strategy and a consistent output to generate inbound leads.

They faced a significant challenge – the absence of brand awareness and a limited database of contacts and followers.

Our Solution

At Rocket SaaS, we immediately began addressing the challenges faced by InboxFreedom. Our solution involved a multi-faceted approach:

Go-to-Market Strategy Presentation

After extensive founder and C-suite interviews, competitor analysis and market research, we developed a detailed go-to-market strategy presentation, outlining a roadmap that would guide InboxFreedom towards its growth goals. This strategic blueprint served as the foundation for the campaign.

Retargeting Ads and Landing Pages

Leveraging platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram, we constructed an extensive retargeting ads funnel, compromising pain-point, solution, lead magnet and bottom-of-funnel ads. This approach directed qualified traffic to high-converting landing pages, maximising lead generation.

Thought Leader eBooks and Email Nurturing Sequences

To establish InboxFreedom as a thought leader in the field of inbox management and workplace wellbeing, we created a series of middle-of-funnel eBooks. These resources not only educated prospects but also nurtured leads towards conversion via email automation sequences.

Email Newsletter Series

An engaging email newsletter series was developed to maintain a consistent and personalised connection with the audience. The series kept leads informed about industry trends, product updates, and insightful content.

Waitlist Campaign

We crafted a compelling waitlist campaign, building anticipation and excitement around InboxFreedom’s launch. This campaign encouraged early sign-ups and created a sense of exclusivity.

The Result

The results of our efforts were some of the best we’ve ever experienced:

  • 1,101 Sign-Ups: The initial target of 1,000 user sign-ups was exceeded within just five months.
  • $1.14 cost per click (CPC)
  • $5.46 cost per lead (CPA)
  • 2.64% Click-through rate (CTR), indicating the relevance and appeal of the ad content.
  • 21% landing page conversion rate, underscoring the effectiveness of the landing pages in turning visitors into leads.
  • 266 subscribers in one day, thanks to a sponsored email newsletter by a strategic partner.

By combining in-depth research, strategic planning, and a creative blend of marketing tactics, we not only achieved the sign-up targets but also established a strong foundation for future growth and success for InboxFreedom.

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Simon Dresdner
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Rob Stevenson
"We’re delighted with the Rocket SaaS partnership. The custom work and approach that they take is brilliant."
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Alex Arthur
Marketing Manager
Digital Genius
The web and marketing support you have given us has been integral to our growth
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