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SaaS Spotlight: What Do All Top SaaS Digital Marketing Agencies Have In Common?

by Ryan James

With the SaaS industry going from strength to strength, it’s important to remember that where there’s success — there’s also stiff competition! And to stay ahead of this competition, it’s essential to know what to look out for when it comes to finding the right SaaS digital marketing agency.

With so many agencies claiming to have SaaS marketing expertise, it’s important to do your research and avoid investing time and energy into a partnership that isn’t everything it seems.

To help you avoid any time wasting and ensure you and your chosen agency can get straight down to business, our expert team is here to share their insights on which qualities to look out for in a top SaaS digital marketing. 

Ready to get started? Here’s our expert opinion on what all top SaaS digital marketing agencies have in common:

1. A Deep Understanding of the SaaS Industry Expertise

As obvious as it sounds, you’d be surprised by how many SaaS companies don’t take the time to evaluate a marketing agency’s understanding of SaaS before signing on the dotted line. 

From misunderstanding customer values to not anticipating industry trends, one wrong move from your digital marketing team can cost you valuable business.

While many digital marketing agencies will claim to have expertise in SaaS, delivering the occasional email marketing campaign or designing a one-page ad isn’t enough to cement your position as a “top” SaaS digital marketing agency.

Some signs that a digital marketing agency actually understands the SaaS industry include:

  • An extensive portfolio of SaaS customers
  • Knowledge of the latest industry trends in SaaS
  • Leveraging the latest technology to boost results
  • Yielding impactful results (a top agency will always be happy to discuss the results they’ve achieved for other SaaS clients!)
  • Anticipating evolving customer demands
  • Involving themselves in SaaS-specific events, forums, and industry partnerships

2. A Data-Driven Approach

Another shared trait among top SaaS digital marketing agencies is their ability to implement data-driven strategies. Recognising the value of data in making informed marketing decisions, top digital marketing agencies are now using advanced analytics tools and techniques to:

  • Measure campaign effectiveness
  • Track key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Optimise marketing efforts
  • Extract insights (and take action!)
  • Identify trends
  • Understand customer behaviour (e.g. through web analytics)
  • Explore new opportunities

Tip: SaaS marketing is an investment and like with any investment, you’ll want to monitor its progress. A digital marketing agency not willing to share this progress is one we would personally choose to avoid.

3. A Multidisciplinary and Collaborative Approach

With the advent of new technologies and the emergence of an increasingly global society, it’s no surprise that digital agencies have to be more agile than ever.

Especially when it comes to SaaS companies, being able to deliver what’s needed, when it’s needed, is essential for staying ahead. 

This is why in most cases, top digital marketing agencies will try to assemble a team of multidisciplinary experts with a diverse skill set and specialised knowledge. This collaborative approach ensures that clients gain access to a comprehensive range of expertise and can adapt to changing market conditions.

Such services can include:

  • Web design and development
  • Brand strategy and positioning
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Content marketing (including copywriting and content creation)
  • Social media management
  • Paid advertising
  • Email marketing and campaigns 
  • Marketing automation (with a focus on inbound marketing and innovative marketing strategies)
  • Lead generation strategies and growth hacking

Note: In top digital marketing agencies, in-house teams often consist of creative thinkers, account managers, data analysts, strategists, and technical experts who work together seamlessly to meet clients’ unique goals. However, top agencies also commonly leverage the SaaS marketing services of external partners who can help enhance your business further. Especially for large or international projects, it’s good to ask your chosen agency if they have a trusted network to call upon for additional support — but always ensure they’re not just outsourcing SaaS skills they don’t have!

4. A Proven Record of Success and Client Stories

It goes without saying that all top SaaS marketing agencies should be able to provide previous examples of their work and showcase their expertise through client success stories. 

While some agencies will need to keep certain client details confidential, they should still be able to offer proof that their experience in the SaaS industry has been tried and tested.

Some examples of things to research or request from your agency include:

  • Client testimonials (with a focus on B2B SaaS marketing experience)
  • Social proof (e.g., social media mentions)
  • General reviews and word of mouth
  • Case studies
  • Performance metrics 

Tip: A top SaaS digital marketing agency will also be able to discuss in-depth how they overcame challenges for certain clients or seized opportunities to expand their success. This is why during initial strategy or discovery meetings, it’s useful to have some questions lined up in advance.

5. A Reputation For Great Customer Support

When it comes to marketing services, the importance of great customer service and support should never be overlooked. If you’re wanting to really make the most of your relationship with your digital marketing agency, trust and guidance on an ongoing basis is essential.

To ensure you’re choosing a top digital marketing agency with a great reputation and a client-centric approach, look out for:

Effective communication: A top digital marketing agency (especially a B2B SaaS marketing agency) will naturally have good communicators on their team. This can include answering emails promptly and not dragging out projects unnecessarily.

Dedicated account managers: Look for agencies with dedicated account managers who can take the time to understand your unique needs and provide personalised support throughout your partnership.

Proactive problem-solving: Reputable agencies will always go the extra mile to identify and solve issues, offering proactive solutions and guidance as much as possible. 

Transparency: Trustworthy agencies have a tendency to prioritise transparency in areas such as communication, reporting, and even challenges to your relationship. If something isn’t working, it’s important to know that your agency will be upfront about it!

Long-term partnerships: Long-term partnerships are a great sign that your chosen marketing agency is getting good results for their clients. It also showcases their ability to build stronger relationships and provide an agile service.

How Rocket SaaS can help your SaaS business meet your marketing goals with ease

When selecting a SaaS digital marketing agency, it’s crucial to consider more than just what seems like a “good fit”. In most cases, this will involve digging a little deeper into your shortlist of agencies and ensuring they can actually deliver what they’re promising.

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