🚀 Tech Startup Lead Generation Tip #29 Understanding your customer’s deep-lying problems & their ultimate prize

by Ryan James

Tech startup lead generation tip number 29

Understanding your customer’s deep-lying problems and needs.

Once you’ve established your target market demographics, your next job should be to identify their problems and goals.

Don’t just focus on the businesses, also think about the individuals who will be using the tech and the decision-makers.

This can lay the foundation for your copywriting, product development, Ads and the way you pitch.

I recommend writing a list of 100 problems that your customers face. This was a really powerful step for us at Rocket SaaS when developing our marketing strategy.

From the list of 100 problems our clients face, we identified these as the top three

1. They hate paying large upfront costs as their cash flow is usually monthly recurring revenue
2. They waste a huge amount of time and resources creating sales and marketing materials in house
3. The marketing team are generally understaffed or lacking resources

This knowledge empowered us to reinvent our business model to offer our services as a pay monthly subscription, where each month we create new, slick and professional sales and marketing materials for our clients.

This deep understanding of our client’s problems and needs has enabled us to connect with our prospects and has therefore had a massive impact on our leads.


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