🚀 Tech Startup Lead Generation Tip #15The power of sales and marketing materials

by Ryan James

Tech startup lead generation tip number 15

Having professionally designed, slick sales and marketing materials can be the difference between turning a cold lead into a hot one.

When I say sales and marketing materials, for example, I’m talking about sales presentations as slide decks or case studies presented as PDF brochures or email newsletters.

I meet a lot of tech companies who either don’t have these digital assets or more commonly, they have designed them in house, meaning they are looking off-brand and sometimes unprofessional.

As a prospect, receiving a boring and dull tech presentation can be uninspiring, making me lose interest in your business.

However, when your sales team are reaching out to a prospective client, if they are armed with a library of high quality, professional sales and marketing materials, these can really grab their attention and be the stepping stone into getting that demo booked.

Here at Rocket SaaS, we have a subscription service for frequently creating these powerful materials for our clients. Pop me a message, I’d be happy to chat.

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