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SaaS web design 101: How to wireframe your website (and why you should)

by Ryan James

Thinking about designing a new SaaS website for your company? It all starts with a well-designed website wireframe. What is a wireframe? We’re glad you asked.

A website wireframe is an essential step in the SaaS web design process that allows you to test your website’s layout, functionality, and flow – all before it goes live for real.

The same way an architect will develop their design using 2D and 3D software first, a SaaS web designer will create a similar “interactive blueprint” of your website – to get a lay of the land before your SaaS website design phase.

In this blog, we’re teaching you all about the benefits of wireframing your SaaS website first and how you can DIY your website wireframe, so you’re fully prepped for your next SaaS website design or redesign. Let’s go!

The benefits of wireframing your SaaS website

Your SaaS website wireframe won’t be your final, live website design.

Instead, it’s almost like a “sketch” of your website that uses basic shapes to help you see where content/ images/buttons will go on each page and what pages to include. So, why is wireframing your website so important?

Make sense of your ideas

When you’re designing your SaaS website, it can be challenging to narrow down how you want the finished pages to look. Wireframing allows you to play around with different layout possibilities before the design phase, so you can get super clear on what you want.

Create a responsive website

Using website wireframes, you’ll be able to adjust your website pages for every mobile, iPad, and desktop device, creating a responsive web design that looks good, no matter what device your customers are using.

Save time, minimise mistakes

Imagine an architect built a home without carefully planning it using design software first? They’d likely spent months – if not years – correcting construction mistakes. The same goes for your website. Using a wireframe prevents web development delays and errors during “go live.”

How to wireframe your SaaS website: A step-by-step guide

Now that we’re all clear on the importance of laying out your SaaS website on a wireframe, let’s discuss what the wireframing process actually looks like.

Step #1 Choose your wireframe tool

While you can undoubtedly sketch out your desired SaaS website design on paper, we wouldn’t recommend it (at least not for the final draft). It’s best to use an official website wireframing tool, Adobe XD, Figma, or Mockflow. See what tool suits you best and learn how to use it.

Step #2 Know what you want to achieve

What actions do you want your target audience to take, and what journey should they take to get there? Understanding these two things will help drive every decision you make in the wireframe design phase.

Step #3 Sketch your preliminary design

What pages do you want to add to your website? For SaaS websites, the most common pages are:

  • Home
  • About
  • Features
  • Testimonials
  • Case studies
  • FAQs
  • Contact
  • Book a demo
  • Free trial

Once you’ve decided what pages to add, get to work designing the layout of every page. Keep the designs simple – focusing on the structure and location of each element ( don’t worry about fine details, colours, etc., for now.)

Step #4 Create your ideal “User flow”

Map out every path your target customer will take before reaching your goal (getting in touch, downloading a case study, booking a demo, etc.) Now think about ways you can streamline that path for your target customer on your website with precise placement of hyperlinks, buttons, videos, and more. You want to make it easy for them to reach your goal!

Step #5 Assess and improve

Once your first SaaS website wireframe is complete, it’s time to refine and finesse the design until you’re happy with the layout. Make sure you’re evaluating your wireframe and removing anything that feels unnecessary for your user journey, and don’t forget to ask others for feedback to help you improve your wireframe design.

Want to leave the website wireframing to the professionals?

Designing a responsive SaaS website that simplifies your target audience’s user journey is only possible with a well-planned wireframe. Don’t have time to wireframe your SaaS website yourself? Let our SaaS web design experts do the hard work for you!

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