Rated by Rocket SaaS: Our top 6 SaaS podcasts and why you should listen

by Ryan James

SaaS founders are notoriously hard-working. And how could you not be? The SaaS market is only getting more competitive, so you have to keep your head in the game if you want to win.

But running your SaaS business doesn’t always leave much time for deep diving into emerging trends, learning about new tech innovations, and keeping your finger on the pulse with consumer trends.

You might read the odd article or skim a new “ultimate guide” or eBook, but reading takes time. That’s why podcasts are a fantastic way to upskill, learn, and get inspired – without distracting you from your to-do list.

So, we thought we’d give you the lowdown on the best SaaS podcasts out there to start listening to today!

Fantastic SaaS podcasts to keep you in the loop

Here are our top 6 favourite SaaS podcasts (in no particular order), what they talk about, and why we think you should listen to them.

#1 Build Your SaaS

The hosts of this SaaS podcast Jon and Justin are actively growing their own SaaS businesses and share what they learn along the way.

What they talk about: Everything from building an audience and launching a SaaS product to SaaS founder struggles and how to overcome them.

Why you should listen:
Avoid SaaS growth mistakes, see what worked/didn’t work for others, and understand the good, bad, and ugly of growing a SaaS business.

#2 SaaS Growth Stacking

Entrepreneur and investor Dan Martell talks about essential SaaS growth tactics but puts them into small bite-sized chunks to help you build your SaaS business.

What they talk about: Building your SaaS brand authority, overcoming fear of failure, email marketing strategies and much more.

Why you should listen: Pick up some great tips that zone in on specific areas of SaaS sales, growth, marketing, and leadership in short episodes.

#3 The Startup Chat

Steli Efti and Hiten Shah, two uber successful SaaS startup founders talk all things startup growth in these short and sweet 22-minute podcasts.

What they talk about: How to engage your target audiences, the latest news for SaaS startups, how to turn your startup into a multi-million pound business.

Why you should listen: Get invaluable advice on growing your SaaS startup, managing your time more effectively, and leading your team.

#4 The SaaS Podcast

This podcast hosted by Omer Khan is a collection of fantastic, insightful interviews with startup founders and business owners with plenty of SaaS trend talk thrown in for good measure.

What they talk about: Everything from SaaS content marketing and finding your product’s market fit to SaaS founders’ personal journeys and business stories.

Why you should listen: Pick up SaaS business tips from true SaaS founders from diverse backgrounds, learn how to launch and grow your SaaS business, and stay on top of trends.

#5 SaaStr

This popular podcast hosted by Jason Lemkin & Harry Stebbings also uses an interview-style format to ask SaaS business owners, founders, and CEOs for their top trade secrets.

What they talk about: How to differentiate your SaaS business from others, scaling your business, go-to-market strategies, and so much more.

Why you should listen: Hear from true SaaS business experts on their experience building teams, scaling their businesses, and leading innovation.

#6 The SaaS Revolution Show

This podcast hosted by Alexa Theuma taps into the expertise and insights of SaaS founders, leaders, and CEOs who made revolutionary moves in this industry.

What they talk about: Expanding your SaaS business internationally, disruptions in the SaaS world, lessons SaaS founders have learned, and much more.

Why you should listen: Get inspired by the most innovative SaaS founders in the world, avoid common pitfalls of running a SaaS business, and get thought-provoking expert tips.

Go on, discover new SaaS podcasts today!

Unlike written content, you can listen to SaaS podcasts in the car, the shower, while you’re cooking, or anywhere, really – making them a great choice for busy SaaS business owners and founders who want to stay ahead of trends and learn from industry experts.

Why not pick one on our podcast list and give it a go today? You won’t regret it! If you want more expert tips on growing your SaaS business, why not talk to our experts here at Rocket SaaS?

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