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5 proven SaaS marketing tactics to make your business stand out

by Ryan James

The SaaS market has grown exponentially over the past few years, especially since the Covid-19 pandemic forced many companies to accelerate their digital transformation strategies.

And if the rumours are true, the SaaS market is expected to grow at a massive CAGR rate of 25% from now until 2028. So, if you think the SaaS market is hugely competitive now (which it certainly is), that competition is only set to get hotter.

How can you gain a competitive edge as a SaaS company in this fast-evolving and growing industry? See our top SaaS marketing tips below to help your SaaS business stand out.

How to attract more attention in a crowded SaaS market

In a sea of SaaS competitors, how can you use SaaS marketing to shine a light on your business and get more customers talking about and subscribing to your SaaS solution?
Check out our top 5 SaaS marketing tactics below.

  1. Develop a raving review strategy

Unlike a physical product, SaaS customers can see/experience your SaaS solution by signing up for a free trial or paying for the service. That’s why reviews.are.everything.

Reviews should be a core element of your SaaS marketing strategy, as they help you differentiate your brand from others.

Your target customers are likely comparing you with many other SaaS providers, and if they have better reviews than you, who do you think those potential customers will go with? Exactly.

How to use SaaS reviews to your advantage

  • Invite current customers to leave reviews
  • Give existing customers review incentives (competitions, discounts, etc.)
  • Feature reviews prominently on your website
  • Showcase reviews on your social media channels
  • Offer customers a reward in exchange for a video review (video reviews are highly effective)
  • Add your website to SaaS comparison websites
  • Make it simple for customers to rate your website/leave feedback
  1. Find gaps in SaaS competitor offerings

You can’t stand out from the competition if you don’t know the competition. Obvious right? But you’d be surprised how many brands overlook competitor research in their SaaS marketing strategies.

Keep a close eye on what your competitors are doing on their website, social media channels, and through their advertising, and highlight what you have that they don’t (better customer support, longer free trial, more user-friendly experience, etc.)

  1. Know your SaaS superpowers

What does your SaaS brand offer/do/make that no other SaaS company does? This is your superpower. Maybe you have one; perhaps you have several. Whatever makes your SaaS company genuinely unique, you need to shout about it.

Remember: Your superpower can’t just be “we’ve won 10 awards.” It has to be something that will actually benefit your target audience and deliver value.

Maybe it’s the fact you assign a free customer success manager to every new customer, the seamlessness of your integrations, or your year-long discount for new users.

Whatever your superpowers are, make them known in your website content, across your social media posts, and through your online ad campaigns.

  1. Craft a memorable SaaS brand

While you may have the best SaaS product on the market, if you’ve created a “forgettable” brand and don’t have any distinct branding strategy, you’re not doing yourself any favours SaaS marketing-wise.

Create and implement a strong branding strategy by:

  • Knowing your brand tone of voice
  • Curating unique brand messaging
  • Keeping tone and messaging consistent
  • Keeping branded assets/visuals consistent
  • Showcasing your brand values/mission
  • Providing consistent customer service
  • “Productising” your SaaS solutions
  • “Niching” to target a smaller audience
  1. Connect with your SaaS customers

The best way to stand out from your SaaS competitors is constantly innovating and improving your SaaS solution based on evolving consumer needs.

Stay ahead of changing customer expectations by talking directly to them, sending out surveys, and asking for feedback will help you understand:

  • Why customers love your product
  • What your differentiating features are
  • Where your competitors fall flat
  • What gaps you can fill in the market

Considering customer feedback will help you improve your SaaS solution (leading to better reviews and more word-of-mouth customers). Feedback will also help you better market your key unique selling points, as customers might highlight points you weren’t aware of.

The SaaS market is competitive; but so worth it

Though we’re dealing with a super noisy SaaS market, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go for it. It simply means the demand is high, and we can assure you that there are plenty of customers to go around.

Attracting attention isn’t about short-term fixes, though. To get more eyes on your SaaS brand, you need a solid digital marketing strategy and standout website design – and we’re the experts that make it happen.

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