Little Vista

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Boosting web presence through strategic marketing and strong project management.

Client Testimonial

"Rocket SaaS have been well-organised and structured. Their flexibility, professionalism, and quality of work were impressive."

Jules Hickson

CEO, Little Vista

The Brief

Little Vista is Ireland's Favourite Childcare Management Software. They approached Rocket SaaS in need of an expert B2B SaaS marketing agency and WordPress developer. The objective was clear: to create a high-converting, industry-leading website and implement strategies for driving inbound traffic and generating leads through targeted paid advertising, email marketing and compelling lead magnet campaigns. We met with the company directors at the kickoff meeting, taking a deep dive into the business, the product, the competitors and the target audience. From here, we began to craft our solution…

The Solution

Our solution began with the development of a bespoke WordPress website, crafted with a custom theme to ensure the uniqueness of the brand. We strategically placed prominent "Book a Demo" calls to action and implemented modern CSS animation effects. Real-time chat support was integrated for enhanced conversion opportunities. To drive immediate traffic and leads, we executed targeted Google, Meta, and LinkedIn Ad campaigns, complemented by industry-specific landing pages. Additionally, we designed compelling email marketing initiatives and introduced lead magnet campaigns, including an ROI calculator and competitor comparison guides.

The Result

We achieved impressive outcomes on multiple fronts. The client is delighted that their website stands above their competitors. Our content marketing efforts, including meticulously researched blogs and comprehensive case studies, have resulted in SEO growth. The paid ads, landing pages and email marketing campaigns have driven significant traffic to the site, resulting in a considerable increase in inbound leads. Our project management approach, characterised by organisation and clear communication, ensured timely deliveries. We take pride in our flexibility, professionalism, and consistent delivery of high-quality work, which distinguish us as an outstanding marketing partner.

Our Role

  • Brand Application
  • Art Direction
  • Marketing Materials Design
  • Content Architecture
  • Custom Vector Animations
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • SEO

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