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How to Create
a Lead Generating SaaS Marketing Funnel

with Ryan James
founder of Rocket SaaS

During the workshop recording,
I cover everything about SaaS marketing
funnel and discuss:

Where most SaaS companies go wrong with their marketing

How to grow brand awareness

Breaking down each of the SaaS marketing funnel elements

How to make the funnel flow with leads

How to nurture leads into sales

Ryan has worked with over 120 SaaS businesses as a marketing consultant specialising in long term strategic funnel development and lead generation which has resulted in his clients raising over £300m+ in funding, along with six successful exits

Let Ryan explain more
in the video below

Speaking to Ryan has really helped me to get way more specific with my marketing efforts. His expertise, particularly around marketing funnels and lead generation has allowed us to switch up our messaging to be a lot more targeted, which has already improved the conversion on our website by over 20%. He also gave us some really smart lead gen ideas, which we’re really excited about implementing.

Lily Veale
Marketing Manager, Loopin

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