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The future of SaaS marketing: 11 emerging trends to watch

by Ryan James

We are a third of the way through 2023, and SaaS marketing has never been more dynamic. The fast-moving nature of this industry means you’ve got to stay up to date with trending SaaS marketing tactics to stay ahead.

From adapting to usage-based pricing to promoting integration capabilities, we’ve seen certain SaaS marketing trends take a firm hold this year. So, in this blog, we thought it’d be helpful to explore what emerging SaaS trends, and tactics are worth trying for your SaaS marketing strategy.

By reading this blog, SaaS companies can better understand the current state of SaaS marketing and the emerging trends that will shape their SaaS marketing strategy for the future. Let’s dive right in!

#1 Micro-SaaS niching

Gone are the days when we had to settle for bloated software with dozens of features we didn’t even use. Now, we crave simpler, more focused solutions that do one thing really well.

For example, if you’re starting a little coffee subscription business, you don’t need to learn how to code a fancy landing page from scratch. You just need a micro-SaaS that offers coffee-themed templates and features that cater to your specific audience.

Sure, the market might be smaller, but that just means you can develop a more intimate relationship with your customers. And who doesn’t love having a loyal fanbase of coffee addicts?

So, don’t be afraid to go small with your niche. Sometimes, the smallest SaaS companies pack the biggest punch.

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#2 Integration nation

According to BetterCloud, companies running entirely on SaaS use 34 apps on average. This is why seamless integration between your SaaS products and your target audience’s favourite apps is so important.

When different apps can share information with each other, you make life easier for your customers and can attract a wider share of the market.

Plus, it improves the user experience, which is always a win. So, make sure your app plays well with others and that you communicate this through your content marketing and SaaS marketing strategy.

#3 Customer is (still) king

Without customers, your SaaS business would hardly be a business at all. That’s why it’s crucial to have a customer-centric mindset if you want to keep those customers coming back for more.

But here’s the kicker, retaining existing customers is five times cheaper than acquiring new ones. So, make your customers feel like royalty by creating user-centric content in your content marketing strategy that caters to their needs.

Taking customer feedback on board is also essential to continue delivering a quality experience.

#4 Interactive SaaS content

The next SaaS marketing trend SaaS companies need to know is interactive content. Interactive content is a great way to engage your SaaS audience. From quizzes to polls, you can get your potential customers to take action in many ways.

But beware, not all interactive content is created equal. Ensure your interactive SaaS content is relevant to your audience and adds value.

Don’t just create a quiz for the sake of making a quiz. Instead, use interactive content to educate, entertain, or inspire your target audience.

#5 Hyper personalisation

Now, you may be thinking, “Duh, Rocket SaaS, we’ve been talking about personalisation for years.” And you’d be right.

However, personalisation is only becoming more integral to an effective SaaS marketing strategy. With advancements in AI and ML, your SaaS company can use data to create highly personalised customer experiences.

From personalised emails to custom landing pages, the possibilities are endless for your SaaS marketing strategies. But beware, personalisation can quickly turn into stalking. So, make sure you don’t come across as a creepy ex who won’t stop calling with your ad campaigns.

#6 Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionising the world of SaaS marketing.

With AI-powered tools, SaaS marketers can automate tedious tasks, like email marketing or customer feedback gathering, personalise content, and analyse data from SaaS marketing strategies to gain insights into customer behaviour.

You can also use AI to create chatbots that can provide 24/7 customer support and even run a referral marketing program, helping to improve your overall customer experience and increase the number of satisfied customers.

#7 Video marketing

Now, we know what you’re thinking. “Oh great, another marketing trend that requires me to be on camera.”

But don’t worry, camera-shy friends; you don’t have to star in your own videos. Instead, use animation or screen recordings to create engaging videos that explain your SaaS product or service.

Video marketing is a great way to show off your SaaS product in action and give potential customers a taste of what it’s like to use it. Plus, videos are more memorable than written content, meaning your message is more likely to stick with your audience.

The bottom line? SaaS marketing strategies will have videos at their core going forward.

#8 Voice search optimisation

With the rise of voice assistants like Alexa and Siri, voice search optimisation is no longer just a search engine optimisation trend – it’s an absolute must for effective SaaS marketing strategies.

People are now using voice search to find info on everything from where they can get a burrito to the best SaaS solutions.

But voice search optimisation isn’t just about keywords. You also need to consider the conversational nature of voice search.

People don’t speak in keywords; they speak in complete sentences. So, make sure your SaaS content is conversational and easy to understand.

#9 SaaS brand experience

SaaS branding isn’t just slapping a logo on your website and calling it a day. It’s all about creating an experience that your customers won’t forget. After all, they won’t remember you for the pretty logo, but they will remember how you made them feel.

To create a comprehensive brand experience for your SaaS company, you must understand your customers’ evolving needs and create messaging that revolves around your value proposition – the unique combination of your brand, product, and experience.

Using this brand messaging in your marketing efforts across multiple marketing channels will be your secret ingredient for a successful SaaS marketing strategy.

#10 SaaS feature marketing

SaaS feature marketing can help you attract new customers and retain existing ones by constantly adding new features to your product. Don’t just take our word for it; a report by Salesforce found that 69% of customers expect existing products to be improved with new features.

Feature marketing lets you target new keywords, improves SEO, and gives you opportunities to acquire new SaaS customers. Plus, you can convert your freemium users into paying customers, retain existing ones, and boost overall revenue. It’s like hitting three birds with one stone!

#11 Usage-based pricing

When it comes to SaaS pricing, one size definitely does not fit all. That’s why usage-based pricing strategies are all the rage in 2023. Gone are the days of setting a fixed price and hoping for the best.

With usage-based pricing, you can optimise your SaaS prices based on the value proposition you’re offering. And, it’s not just a good idea – it’s necessary.

If you’re not optimising your prices, you could miss out on a ton of potential growth. So, make sure your prices always reflect the value equation.

Stay one step ahead with these SaaS marketing trends today!

So, there you have it, dear SaaS marketers, the top SaaS marketing trends emerging in 2023.

But before you go off and try these SaaS marketing tips, tactics, and strategies, remember that marketing is not a one-size-fits-all approach. You need to test, test, and then test some more to figure out the best marketing path for your unique business.

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