๐Ÿš€ Tech Startup Lead Generation Tip #16 Remove payment details from the free trial

Tech startup lead generation tip number 16

This is a minor tweak that can have a big impact. Consider removing the request for credit card details from the free trial sign up.

This tip needs to be taken with caution as it can have a negative effect on sales, but if you are really struggling for free trial sign-ups, this may be worth considering.

People really hate handing over their credit card details to companies they donโ€™t yet fully trust or arenโ€™t yet decided on whether they want to become a full paying customer.

Removing the card details from the sign up removes this significant blocker.

You can now update your calls to action to say โ€œFree Trial, no card details requiredโ€. This should considerably increase the number of signups.

Although beware that this does bring a new challenge of converting these users into paying customers.

If youโ€™re unsure about whether this is the right strategy for you, you should consider AB testing it, which Iโ€™m going to cover in tomorrowโ€™s video.

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